North American Nebula

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  My first attempt at the North American Nebula This is my first attempt at capturing an image of the North American Nebula.  Coming on for a couple of weeks ago now, I spent a long weekend at the Kelling … Continued

Equatorial mount

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When somebody tells you their equatorial mount is tracking the sky, you may say – “ok, that’s cool” and think nothing more of it…….If you then decide to go out and buy yourself a mount capable of this very thing, you may ask yourself the same question again, but this time what you really should be asking is how?

Electronics Design For My Homemade Equatorial Mount

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I mentioned in my previous blog about my homemade mount that my good friend Tim Duke had been instrumental in making the electronics part of the project happen and I have so much to thank him for! I wanted to give Tim the opportunity to put in his own words how all this came about, the history of the design process and the changes made etc. The following text is Tim’s account written in his own words.

Telrad finder scope can be used for polar aligning!

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Not only is the Telrad Finder Scope a great piece of kit in its own right. Did you know it can also be used to get your telescope mount pretty accurately polar aligned? Read on to see how…..

Buying a Telescope

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I can’t stress this hard enough, before you go out buying a telescope, please read this article to the end first!

Before buying anything in life you would normally think about exactly what you want first right? Sometimes it’s an easy decision, for example. “what you drinking mate?”………”Pint of lager please!”…….No problem, didn’t need to think about that too long, haha!

What if you want to buy something like a new car or a new pushbike? Well, this would be a bit more serious and would need a bit more thought. Mainly because these can be expensive items and you don’t want to be making the wrong choices. Well the same will apply when deciding to buy your first telescope. In fact the risk is more than just money as I will now explain.

Astronomy beginner?

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I have written this article making the assumption you’re a complete beginner when it comes to astronomy. Apart from knowing there’s stars up there and the sun and moon make an occasional appearance!

It’s best to read through this article in order without skipping around, as everything will make more sense that way.

Maybe you’re thinking this Astronomy lark is really complicated and you need to be pretty clever, own an anorak, perhaps look a bit like a mad professor etc! Well…..if that’s you then that’s all well n good, but Astronomy can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone! People of all ages and abilities can get involved.

So let’s get started!

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