Education = Reduction in crime = A better world to live in!

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Education РHow do we make it better?

Education is pretty off topic but hey….that’s why I’ve added an ‘everything else’ category to my blog ūüôā ¬†I came across an article the other day related to the ongoing issue of teacher shortages in schools. ¬†I have always believed that many of the worlds social issues can be fixed by receiving the right kind of education. ¬†When I say ‘the right kind of education’ what I really mean is the¬†WAY¬†in which this education is given. ¬†So it got me thinking……Why are there teacher shortages? ¬†Is it because the pays not enough? Is it because the hours are too long? ¬†Is it because there’s too much red tape now days to allow the teachers to actually teach? ¬†My guess is that’s it’s a good mix of them all!

Here are my thoughts:

So……..We keep hearing that the answer to crime is education! ¬†Ok then, how about this for an idea! ¬†I’m sure we all agree we need more high quality teachers – that’s a given! In my opinion they need to have the following two main skills: Passion to teach and the ability to captivate the students so they actually pay attention and look forward to classes. People shouldn’t be able to get anywhere NEAR¬†a classroom without these crucial attributes! ¬†How about creating some kind of initial selection process whereby anyone not deemed to have these skills is filtered out! Sounds harsh doesn’t it? ¬†Yes, but we live in a harsh world, and if we don’t start thinking about making big changes now, I think we may be facing bigger problems further down the line! ¬†I feel we are still picking at the surface of offering the whole education package to our future generations. ¬†Many of us watch the talent shows on TV and we often see prime examples of people with a great voice but no stage presence and performance! ¬†This is because they have part of the package to offer and have taken a short cut through to the big time and in many cases proves unsustainable due to their lacking in these other areas. ¬†Similarly, gaining a degree and going through teacher training etc is all very well, but I don’t think this is enough or even the right path anymore. ¬†There are some brilliant people out there in the WRONG JOB who have massive passion, are funny, captivating, intelligent…..These are the people we want, no not want……..NEED in our schools! ¬†I’ve attended many lectures over the years and can tell the difference between someone that’s going to put me asleep and someone I want to listen to within the first few seconds! ¬†These are the kind of people I feel can break through to the harder nuts to crack, the one’s feeling under valued, the one’s who can’t see the point in listening and learning, or even bothering to turn up to lessons, yes you’ve got it, the one’s that could ultimately end up in the big house! ¬†Ok, yes of course there will be a cost associated to all this and they would need to be paid well too but surely the extra cost to implement this strategy would eventually be far less than the current spend on public services such as hospitals, the emergency services, the prison system etc…..Once this is addressed, I’m sure the world would start to be a better place and stop the never ending cycle of many kids drifting through schools and coming out none the wiser with their parents and peers being their only influencers in their early years. Not a bad thing in the majority of cases, but as we all know, can be detrimental¬†in some other cases! ¬†These SUPER TEACHERS¬†are out there among us, working in different industries, perhaps with a longing to make a difference in the world. ¬†Lets reel them in and put them where they were born to be – In the classroom! ¬†Wouldn’t it be great if this could be completely turned the other way and end up with the opposite issue of too many of the right type of people wanting to teach! ¬†The only way this can have any chance of happening is by spreading the word and pushing governments into action! ¬†Wouldn’t it be great if the governments of the world mounted media campaigns promoting this very strategy! ¬†Maybe it’s just a pipe dream of mine, If you share my passion and agree, please help by sharing this article.