Imaging the western section of the veil nebula (NGC6960)

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The veil nebula taken through the worst sky ever!

This image of the western section of the veil nebula was taken on a night where the sky was so misty and milky looking, I can’t believe I captured anything at all!  I could only see a hand full of stars in sky as it was so washed out.  I thought as I spent all the time setting everything up, focusing, framing the object etc I decided to carry on imaging anyway just to see what I would get.  As long as the guide scope could still see it’s star. all was good!

Veil nebula Image info

The below image consists of 15 subs at 8 minutes each and 4 dark frames.  I didn’t get to do any flats unfortunately so I cheated a bit and processed the gradient out in Photoshop which worked surprisingly well.

I did have the Astronomik CLS light pollution filter EOS Clip fit fitted, which I’m guessing must have massively helped fight against the terrible conditions.  For full details, take a look at my astro images page.

Set up

My setup has changed slightly since my last post.  I have switched over to using a smaller guide scope (basically  a 50mm finder scope).  This is an experiment to see how the homemade equatorial mount copes with this wider field of view when auto guiding.  So far I’m not convinced it has made any noticeable improvements, although it does have the advantage of more choice of stars to chose from which is a bonus.

Veil nebula NGC6960

Veil nebula NGC6960 – Witches broom nebula

Even though I’m generally happy with the result, I still have more work to do regarding getting the auto guiding working more accurately……I have one or two ideas I’m going to try out next time the sky clears, so I will post more updates soon.

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