Electronics Design For My Homemade Equatorial Mount

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I mentioned in my previous blog about my homemade mount that my good friend Tim Duke had been instrumental in making the electronics part of the project happen and I have so much to thank him for! I wanted to give Tim the opportunity to put in his own words how all this came about, the history of the design process and the changes made etc. The following text is Tim’s account written in his own words.

Homemade Equatorial Mount

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Welcome to my homemade equatorial mount blog! For a long time now I have wanted to share this epic journey with the Astronomy community, so finally I’m pleased to be able to say “here it is!”

Hopefully you will find this article interesting and inspiring. So find a comfy chair and I hope you enjoy!

Homemade Telescope

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Years ago just after we had the Internet installed in our house (yep that’s right, years ago! Believe it or not kids, once upon a time there was no Internet!), I was getting the hang of surfing around the web and stumbled on a link about building a homemade telescope! Looking at the link, it reminded me of this guy I once knew from years back who made his own homemade telescope and I remember thinking wow that must have been a bit complicated. I wanted to have a closer look and ask him how it worked but missed my opportunity at the time. So I thought ok, let’s have a look then.

I clicked the link and the rest is history!

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