DIY astronomy
Matt Sztanko

My quest is to capture quality deep sky astronomy images using my homemade telescope and equatorial mount sharing what I have learned along the way

If you have always wanted to learn about astronomy, have always wanted a telescope and you are handy with DIY then you are in the right place for DIY astronomy!

My name is Matt Sztanko and I live in Essex in the south east of the UK.  I was born in the UK and have been married since 1994 and we have two beautiful children, so life is good!

Over the years I have had a number of interests including fishing, fitness, painting & drawing, trying to learn the guitar (with not much luck I must add).  I have always been technically minded ever since I was little.  I always enjoyed the practical lessons in school…..anything where I could be creative and make stuff.  I ended up doing a technical apprenticeship and gained an HNC in production engineering.  Then after taking 5 months out to travel Europe with two friends, I eventually went on to have a career as a Project Manager and my current position is Operations Manager in a small manufacturing company producing display solutions for the retail trade.  I had always been interested in Astronomy but only really got into it when I decided to put my practical skills to the test and built my own telescope.  I joined a local Astronomy club and everything else just took off from there and I’ve been hooked ever since!

My aim is to share my journey in designing and building a telescope and equatorial mount which is able to perform astrophotography to a standard which would eventually compare and stand up to expensive commercial equipment costing thousands of pounds.