Homemade telescope and motorised equatorial mount for astrophotography!

Homemade telescope
The 10″ homemade telescope on the monster homemade equatorial mount

This website is mainly about my experiences building and designing my own homemade telescope and motorised equatorial mount for astrophotography. My aim has always been to be able to produce astro images to a standard which would stand up against ones taken using high end expensive commercial mounts costing thousands of pounds!

How’s your DIY skills?

If you are a DIY enthusiast looking for a new challenge and you fancy a go at something like this, hopefully the info in my posts will help you and inspire you.

You can enjoy astronomy at all levels

Or if you simply want to learn a bit more about what’s up in the sky and the fascinating world of amateur astronomy. Perhaps you are reading this because you do or maybe you already have a good understanding but are curious to see what this websites all about!  I decided to put all this together mainly to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years.  Some of it I’ve picked up myself, but most of my knowledge has come from many individuals who have kindly given their time to help me out. So I also see this as my opportunity of putting back into the amateur astronomy community!

Take a look at my blogs which are a mix of both my homemade astronomy gear and other astronomy stuff.

I have many articles in my head I want to share and over time will be adding more posts. I hope you will find my website interesting, helpful and most of all inspiring, so jump in and enjoy!  Here are a few quick link to get started, click an d enjoy!

Homemade telescope and motorised equatorial mount – spreading the word

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Equatorial mount


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